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Trail Report and Policies June 2010 -- Posted on Monday, June 14 2010

Stay on designated trails open to ATV use, not all snowmobile trails are open for ATV use.

Many of our trails are on private land. That's the reason for our spring and fall closures.

*Riding in the ditch area is a punishable offense, and causes damage and erosion to the trail. These maintenance problems cause much work and expense to the club.
*Do not be a litterbug
*Violators jeopardize everyone's enjoyment and safety on the trail. Stay on the trail or stay home...

Spring closure is due to County and State forest requirements. Closures are also possible due to fire danger or being too wet.
LUV/UTV use on ATV Trails

The Washburn County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution on Tuesday April 20, to authorize participation in a new Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) 2 year pilot project.

The resolution permits UTV's (formerly Lightweight Utility Vehicles) to operate on County ATV trails. The State Statue language also stipulates that all Townships are automatically authorized to participate under the County resolution. Townships may elect to opt out of the program by adopting a resolution to that effect.

Washburn County will permit vehicles with side by side seating, steering wheel, stock cargo box, less than 1300 pounds and narrower than 65 inches. Go carts, golf carts, miniature pickups, pugs, argos and others are specifically excluded and are not legal to operate on ATV trails in Washburn County.

The Washburn County definition is intended to allow vehicles such as Razors, Rangers, Mules, Prowlers, and Big Reds, while excluding heavier, wider utility vehicles powered with diesel engines.

UTV's (LUV's) will be legal to operate on our trail systems when our trail systems open on Saturday on Memorial Weekend.

New 2012 legislation involving ATV/UTV permitted uses, registration and licensing,                   2012 ATV/UTV Legislation

Washburn County Forest
*closed to motorized vehicles from April 1 to Sat. of Memorial Day weekend
*No ATV's allowed on trails or forest roads that are signed, gated or bermed
*all snowmobile trails on county forest land are open to ATV use from Dec. 1 to March 31
*no 2-wheel motor bikes allowed
*LUV's or side by sides are permitted in Washburn County

Sawyer County Forest
*forest roads are open to ATV use except when weight limits are imposed
*do not make new trails
*LUV's or side by sides are permitted in Sawyer County

Rusk County Forest
*Rusk County Forest is closed to vehicular traffic from March 15 thru June annually except on all-weather gravel County Forest roads
*all existing roadways on County land are open to ATV use unless otherwise indicated
*ATV trail system is closed to vehicular traffic exceeding 1000 lbs.
*no 4-wheel drive vehicle, passenger car, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), truck or motorcycle shall be permitted to travel on County Snowmobile trails between Dec. 1 and June 1 annually
*Rusk County Parks and campgrounds are closed to ATV operation
*It shall be unlawful to operate or permit the operation of a motorized vehicle of any kind on any road, trail, or area within the Rusk County Forest beyond any posted notice authorized by the committee

Village of Birchwood
*these routes are only for access to Tuscobia State Trail, not for general riding
*these routes are well marked and a speed limit of 15 mph will be strictly enforced
*keep off private property
*no ATV's permitted on Main Street!
*Private properties off Dalen Rd. and 30th Ave. close the 3rd Sun. in Oct. and reopen Sat. of Memorial Day weekend.

*Private properties on 31N off the Tuscobia Trail will be closed the 3rd Sun in Oct. thru Dec. 15th and are open from Dec. 16th to April 1st (weather permitting)

Tuscobia Trail CLOSED to ATV use from November 15 to December 15, no 2-wheel motor bikes allowed.

EMERGENCY TRAIL CLOSURES -- Posted on Monday, March 8 2010

Due to the early warm weather all ATV trails in Washburn County will be closing at 12:01am Tuesday March 9, 2010 and reopen Saturday of Memorial Weekend 2010.

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